Principal's Message

Principal's Message

I am happy to be able to present to one and all the objectives for the Primary School, Secondary School and Higher Secondary School.

At the end of Primary School, pupils should:

*   be able to distinguish right from wrong

*   know their strengths and weaknesses

*   be able to think and express themselves confidently

*   have healthy habits

At the end of Secondary School, students should:

*   have moral integrity

*   believe in their abilities

*   take responsibility for their own learning

At the end of Senior Secondary education, students should:

*   Have moral courage to stand up for what is right

*   be resilient in the face of adversity

*   be purposeful in pursuit of excellence

*   pursue a healthy life style

*   take responsibility for their own learning

The Common platform for all the stages:

*   be duty conscious

*   be aware of what is right and what is wrong not only concerning education but in

     their daily life activities

*   develop love and respect towards each other